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specializes in listings, is that I get to meet all the pets of my sellers, see their collections and hobbies, enjoy photographs of their families, and view memorabilia from their travels.Occasionally I get to learn about something I’ve never even seen before. The Warren Group is a market research home inspection costs  firm that publishes the Commercial Record and I subscribe to the online version of the Commercial Record so I can review the real estate statistics and follow trends.Although I can produce my own reports through the Connecticut Multiple Listing Service,

the Warren Group produces it for me monthly in a tidy package and includes sales that are not included in the MLS.In order to know where the market is going, it is helpful to know where the market has been. I think too often real estate agents don’t pay attention to the statistics and this results in overpriced listings.If you bought a house since 2006 and an agent tells you it is worth more today, don’t believe it unless you have made significant improvements.

I’m sure that statement won’t make me particularly popular but I’ve been called a “straight shooter” once or twice in my 32 years in the real estate business.You may have read the real estate news from the Warren Report in the New London Day newspaper this past week.While Ledyard hasn’t seen a decrease that deep, the number of sales has plummeted by 42%.The number of active residential listings has dropped to 130 this week but with only 1 or 2 homes selling per week that number represents over a one year supply of inventory.

Unfortunately some buyers are offering significantly less than the asking price. When sellers do counteroffer, the buyers often move on because they are “looking for a bargain.The jury is still out as to whether the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailout will lead to lower mortgage rates and help nudge the market along.

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Home inspectionThis requirement involved me in the Greengairs project on the east side of Glasgow, where Scottish Enterprise was involved in a joint project with the developer to, not only capture, but also reuse the methane.When explaining the project at various conferences I’ve been asked to speak at, I suggested that the quality of power generated was due to the ‘swanky rubbish’ that filled the site since it was the final deposition pre-purchase home inspections  of rubbish from upmarket Eastwood District.My view is that until we can develop a robust and efficient renewable energy generating capacity we should retain,

and perhaps upgrade, our Hunterston and Torness stations.It is hard for a committed renewable energy specialist to say that, but in my view that option is preferable to the risk of major power failures, and the inevitability of social and political unrest that could follow due to the loss of electricity.The long-term future for renewables is good, however it is the 30-year short term that we must think about.And with the G8 Summit also taking place in Scotland in July, the timing couldn’t be better for the world to make their views on sustainable development heard by world leaders.

This sort of practical action should help draw to the attention of government and aid agencies just how much young people are doing, and could do for sustainable development, given the right support.The Scottish school curriculum is undergoing an extensive review which could see dramatic changes.It also established a template for a process of reform,

including an overhaul of the S1 – S3 curriculum, new courses in skills-for-work, and a review of the science curriculum.The Scottish Executive Education Department has set up a Programme Board to oversee this major initiative.And with elements of the new curriculum due for implementation as early as 2006, it looks set to be a dramatic year for Scottish education.

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This traffic has been boosted by a new trade won by P&O European Ferries carrying cars for distribution in Northern Ireland, and continuing growth in passenger traffic. Fleetwood Fish Auction saw a 20 per cent increase in turnover, reflecting a strong demand for fish supplies by Fleetwood processors in 2001. In 2001, Garston continued the diversification of its trade away from low-value bulk cargoes which, although important to the port, have limited value-added potential. A storage, bagging and distribution terminal, the 3,600 sq m store accommodates bulk and bagged fertilizers.

Hydro Agri supplies high-quality fertilisers to the important farming areas in Lancashire and Cheshire. The Garston Agribulk Store has enabled Hydro Agri to have the right products readily available for delivery to its customers without the need for long-distance haulage. 2001 proved to be a successful year for Associated British Ports (ABP) East Anglian Ports of Ipswich, King s Lynn and Lowestoft, Condo Inspection which have demonstrated increases in key areas of trade such as roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro), containers and aggregates.

Unit-load trade at the Port of Ipswich increased by over 80 per cent in 2001, boosted by Ferryways twice daily ro-ro service to Ostend, and Jade Tees Line s twice-weekly service from Wilhelmshaven In addition, two new liner services began operating in the second half of the year with Kursiu Linija now running a weekly container service linking Ipswich to the Baltic ports of Riga, Klaipeda and Kaliningrad, and Europe-Caribbean Line operating a three-weekly general cargo and container service to the Caribbean.

Aggregate imports increased by some 29 per cent, and trade in animal feed, forest products and liquid bulks also rose significantly. Despite experiencing a low grain-export year, tonnage levels at the port remained steady during 2001 with around 2.9 million tonnes handled. The marina is set for further expansion this year, with the addition of 50 new berths and a facility for storing vessels ashore.

Construction of two new agribulk sheds   due to open in July 2002 – began last year, and additional storage space was created in September at the port s West Bank Terminal to cater for the recent growth in ro-ro and forest products trades. During 2001, the Port of King s Lynn handled increased volumes of fertiliser, scrap metal and aggregates. The port s aggregate trade was boosted by imports of expanded clay aggregate for new customer Optiroc Exclay Ltd. Liquid-bulk imports increased by around 15 per cent on the previous year.